Apparel Manufacturer


This established brick and mortar client has a national reputation. A Digital Asset Review revealed a broken e-commerce program that suffered from outdated design, non mobile technology, lack of data, and overall poor performance. In the last seven months before VOX, the program had lackluster sales, an 80%* abandoned cart ratio, and six figures of lost revenue. Together with the client, VOX built a mobile responsive Shopify online store, integrated the fulfillment program, installed tracking codes, added an inbound marketing program, and then trained staff on execution. VOX’s new mobile responsive site assisted the 68%* of site visitors that “came through the door” via mobile. In just over twelve months the program saw 107,000* visits, an average of 5.8* page views per visit, and in the same seven month period a year later, an increase in sales of more than 59%*. (*Big Commerce, Google, Shopify)


Digital Asset Review / Consulting / Shopify Mobile Web Design and Development / SEO / Database Collection / Email Marketing / Detailed Reporting

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