Celebrity Ecommerce


Before VOX and over a period of 26 months this celebrity-driven ecommerce website had processed:

  • 18,751 orders
    $871,836 in sales
    $52,643 in canceled orders
    $33,532/month average gross income

Our Digital Asset Review showed us that:

  1. While this celebrity’s hit TV show had driven his popularity to an all time, high his online ecommerce sales were slowing down.
  2. One out of every three ‘shopping carts’ were ‘abandoned’.
  3. Over $50,000 in canceled orders.

VOX optimized and updated the existing Magento ecommerce platform, moved the website to a commercial-grade hosting solution, added a mobile only website to better convert mobile sales, connected an inbound email marketing program, provided daily content generation, social media management, and online sweepstakes. Installed tracking and sales reports showed that the increased loading speeds allowed orders to be processed more quickly sharply reducing abandoned carts while increasing sales. A deep dive into merchandise orders showed us best selling sizes and colors as well as the zip codes and countries with the most orders. This previously ‘unseen’ audience was then targeted directly through paid and unpaid campaigns and geo-targeted online promotions.

After Vox over a period of 12 months:
16,357 orders
$882,561 in sales
$1,472 in canceled orders
$73,547/month average gross income

2,000 less orders and 11,000 more in sales, an 88.84 percent drop in the number of abandoned carts, and an average monthly gross income increase of more than 100%, and a 60% increase in sales over the first 12 months.


Digital Asset Review / Consulting / Mobile Web Design and Development / Content Generation / Social Media Management / Blogging / SEO / Visitor Engagement / Database Collection / Email Marketing / Detailed Reporting / Digital Asset Management


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