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Heavy Construction


This heavy construction firm had an outdated website that was neither mobile nor secure. A search for their products and services yielded no results. VOX built an online industry blog posting and sharing all major industry related stories every day and 150 search engine optimized pages with 110 password protected pages, and multiple levels of client access. VOX managed all assets including social media accounts, generating 100’s of original articles, sharing 100’s more, and optimizing all content for search. Within eight months, VOX delivered:

  1. 1,000 visits per month for a highly specialized service in the oil and natural gas pipeline industry with no advertising.
  1. Top five, above the fold, organic search engine results for four search terms in five months.
  1. A senior pipeline engineer from the largest contractor in the world requesting information who also happened to subcontract for the client’s biggest client.
  1. More than 650 results for on Google and thousands of pieces of hash-tagged content.

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