The Trick to SEO

So what is the trick to SEO? Aside from being the very best business you can be, the trick to SEO is sharing your knowledge of your business with your customers online and through your social media networks.

In the previous post I discussed the importance of content marketing and referenced a small business client and their top organic listing. I attributed their performance to some degree on what we did for them, but the real reason my soup store client is the number one organic search result for “soup” is that they make the best soup. The fact that people have found them online and then visited them is largely due to the rave reviews other customers have posted online. Those aren’t fake reviews. We didn’t “game the system” with  “back linking” or other Google hacks. We used the system the way it was intended to be used. Real people wrote real reviews about a real business. The trick to SEO is to write content that interests and engages your target audience. That’s a lot easier to do if you have a product or service that people love.

Which post is more interesting to you:

  1. Early bird menu 3-5 or
  2. What you should know about garlic

If you have never been to the business but, it sounds interesting, you might pick #2. That’s because health is important to you and the business knows that so they share information about the health benefits of one of their core ingredients. The fact is businesses that have published content they know is important to their audience benefit when that audience likes, shares, or comments on the information. Favorable reviews on optimized SEO platforms like Yelp also help drive the clients SEO as people search for them and when properly optimized for search engines, then click on the website. This drives powerful SEO to the client’s website.

So, and this is not going to surprise our existing clients, the secret trick to SEO assuming your assets are optimized to be found by search engines, is to be a good business, make your customers your priority, and have content that educates your target about the things that are most interesting to them. The trick to SEO is hard work and commitment to be the best. The trick to SEO is sharing your knowledge of your business with your customers and prospects in order to gain their trust and ultimately their business.

If you are the best and you’re too busy to manage all these digital assets then we’re here to help you. And as for my soup client they just opened their second location and have plans to grow beyond the markets they serve. We’re proud to be a small part of their success story.

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