Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working – Reason Five of Five

Let’s take a look at reason five of five reasons why your content marketing isn’t working

5. You’re not connecting with those connecting with you

The first post in this five post series explained how understanding the meaning and origination of each of the three words that makes up “social”, “media”, and “networking” would help explain how to use them effectively. This reason why your content marketing isn’t working, that you’re not connecting with those connecting with you, has to do with the social aspect of how these networks are designed to help grow your digital footprint and overall brand awareness. Pay attention to the people that pay the most attention to you and are in your industry or one related to your industry.  Connect with every qualified social media account.

What’s a qualified social media account?

Some people approach social media with the idea that it’s a numbers game. In the entertainment space, agency clients would ask us to “buy Likes” or fake accounts to falsely inflate the size of their client’s following so they could shop that number to large retailers for licensing deals. The larger followings would show the value of doing business with the celebrity because they were an influencer, capable of influencing public opinion. But for most brands, the quality of the Follower, Subscriber, or Connection is what converts to real business. If you are in the pharmaceutical space and you’re marketing medications to consumers it helps when scientific journals, respected media outlets, and leading physicians Follow your account. Those groups already have large followings. By Connecting with them you’re tapping into an existing target audience. So make sure you connect and even post about them. To use social media network accounts effectively, you need to identify the leading voices in your space, Follow them, and then Connect with them to share their story. When you do they might share yours thus growing your audience by exposing your message to theirs.

Following everybody under the sun actually hurts you because you’re not using the algorithms built into these platforms. When you Follow people and groups in your own industry, the algorithms will recommend more connections similar to the ones you already have.  To convert business it’s better to know a lot about one thing than to know a little about a lot of things. It’s also a faster path to effective organic SEO.



Taft Moore is an 18 year, multi-format, veteran radio programmer, and owner of the content marketing and digital asset management firm, VOX Communications, LLC. Established in 2008, VOX has helped clients in the digital health, opioid use disorder, bio pharmaceutical, entertainment, live streaming, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, CBD and Cannabis, recognized non profit, government agency, and small business spaces to grow audience and drive sales. Millions of people have engaged with messaging VOX has generated and managed for their clients, and many millions more have been exposed to that messaging. Contact VOX so we can learn more about your needs and to see if we’re the right solution for them.

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