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Braeburn Pharmaceuticals


This bio-pharmaceutical startup secured capital to bring to market a novel new delivery system for opioid use disorder. The challenges were:

  1. Build awareness about a medication that you can’t mention by name
  2. Get their voice heard above the noise surrounding opioid and heroin addiction
  3. Build FDA approved website
  4. Build out Physician Locator
  5. Build out and integrate third party FDA approved digital form submission

VOX was originally hired to build an opioid use disorder information website. This online news magazine/blog wrote and shared stories daily about the positive side of opioid use disorder educating visitors, collecting emails, and directing them to reliable resources for treatment and education including the National Institute of Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

VOX business intelligence tools showed us that in the Fall of 2015 the national discussion did not include heroin and prescription drug addiction but that those conversations were getting louder on the state level. During the week leading to Chrsitmas of 2015, VOX found that according to the UNH/Granite State Poll, New Hampshire voters ranked opioid addiction as their number one concern. We shared that information with the client before Presidential candidates or mainstream media outlets were talking about it. VOX also shared that an Anderson Cooper hosted CNN Special would quote that poll and become the first major media outlet to focus on the epidemic during the State Primary. We suggested, received approval, and then executed a media buy through Google that placed the client’s message on CNN.com, FOX.com, and throughout YouTube videos in New Hampshire, Boston, MA, and New York City. These campaigns began to drive awareness and about the stigma attached to the disease and education about addiction.

In early February, VOX ran Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram campaigns featuring videos of patients that were now living productive lives on this new type of opioid use disorder medication. The videos received over one million views within a couple weeks. In April/May of 2016, the medication went before the FDA for possible approval. VOX ran a targeted Linked In and Facebook campaign within 25 miles of the FDA headquarters in Maryland and soon after the medication, Probuphine (R) was approved.

While the drug was under review, VOX designed and launched a ‘REMS’ website, a requirement of the FDA. The site, intended for healthcare providers, had to meet specific design requirements while still being mobile responsive and easy to navigate. The site also had to be edited and completed within 24 hours over a weekend.

Once completed, the FDA approved website had all of the necessary forms available in digital format and downloadable .PDF, an email database collection program, and a Provider Locator with mobile responsive technology that details where the closest provider is to your current location.

An additional backend administrative website was also built before designing and building the patient facing medication-branded website and eventually the corporate website as well.

Additionally, VOX collected a database of media influencers and reached out to them to help drive interviews and awareness.  Executives and paid consultants were interviewed on NBC Nightly News, NBC Dateline, The CBS Evening News, and other media outlets. Shortly after launch the medication was awarded Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New Award.”

Shortly after launch the client released the license to market the medication back to the company that had issued that license to them. This company, Titan Pharmaceuticals, has continued to retain VOX while the original client retained VOX for a enterprise-level, industry first, FDA approved, digital form submission for healthcare providers.


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