Out of This World

“We work in the highly regulated bio pharmacy space and hired VOX Communications over two years ago for social media community management. We were so impressed with their overall approach to digital marketing as well as the speed to market, web design, detailed metrics, and true value for their services that we hired them to manage all of our digital assets. With more than a half dozen projects in the pipeline all under deadline at any one time we really felt we needed someone in house. But VOX was always available, quick to respond, and professional. These projects were in many cases highly complex, under FDA scrutiny, and critical to product approval and launch. Very simply VOX delivered. Holidays, weekends, after hours, always. The sum total of our work in 26 months included six websites, branded and unbranded digital ad campaigns, active online communities, a far reaching digital footprint, and medication approval. VOX reached more than 3 million people we had targeted and delivered detailed reporting that showed exactly where we were relative to our competition. They showed us how our paid campaigns directly impacted our brand awareness. They showed us what media outlets were delivering the most content specific to our field and even who wrote that content. They showed us how the media perceived our industry, our products, our competition’s products, and the leading influencers in the bio pharma space. While VOX has the basics covered with advanced and creative website development, SEO, blogging, social media, and digital ad campaigns, the real value they deliver is educating us about our own digital footprint and how to effectively grow it using advanced reporting tools. We had better information which allowed us to generate a more targeted message directly to the people that are most interested in that information. VOX helped us learn more about ourselves and our audience and that information helps us grow our business. In digital marketing you don’t know what you don’t know, until you speak to VOX. Highly recommend without qualification.”

Craig Brown
Senior Marketing Officer

Helps Us Grow

“Taft has been more than a media manager for us at the YMCA. He took the time to learn about our mission and amplify our message in the way we would do it ourselves. He speaks our language and understands our organization. These are really important elements in this kind of work. Taft has expanded our reach in the community and helped us grow the number of people who follow us. Taft treats us like friends and he cares about making our social media look outstanding.”

Janice W.
Southeast Ventura County YMCA - Development Director

Cut 2/3rds or more off the normal implementation timeline

“We hired Taft to help us manage a social media campaign that was underway already. He spearheaded the implementation and effectively cut 2/3rds or more off the normal implementation timeline. The overall campaign was a success and in good part it was due to Taft stepping in and guiding us on how to make it an effective campaign.”

John Brooks

Complete Knowledge of How the Internet and Websites Work

“I was at a networking event and speaking got to talking with the owner, Taft. I mentioned that I was bummed that I could not take a trip to NY for a reunion of all of my Navy friends from my days in the service because the prices were so high (from LA to NY over New Year, and with only a couple of weeks left). He told me about a trick to let booking sites see what each other was offering you using browser cookies so that they would try to underbid one another. I went home and tried it, and an hour later my flight had dropped from $850 to just over $600. I was stoked!  I didn’t hire Taft, he just willingly gave me a bit of internet magic that I would never have thought to use. It is his complete knowledge of how the internet and websites work, how they gather information and use it, and how to manipulate it for your own benefit that allows him to do this. I know a few people that have used him and were extremely happy, but I had never had a chance to see just how in tune he really is with online strategy until this.”

Jonathan H.
Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce - Administrator

Stays ahead of trends and provides strong strategic insights

Vox Communications and specifically Taft Moore is an extremely attentive, skilled digital shop that has helped my team with the development of various digital assets and social media interests over the past two years. Taft does a nice job leading the team to complete projects ahead of schedule. He stays ahead of trends and provides strong strategic insights based on in depth social listening. Because he remains closely connected to the team, he does a great job managing to budget as well. We have had a wonderful experience working with Taft and Vox!

Paul Johnson
Chief Commercial Officer

Job Well Done

“Job well done! We have an online clothing line and looked to Taft and his crew to help with the growth, internet presence, marketing, etc. We are extremely pleased with the results thus far. We have seen great growth in all areas and look to double that in the upcoming year. Thank you VOX for all your help, guidance, and professionalism.”

Keith Tisdell
Baby Boy Productions

On the Ball

“Taft is on the ball. You ask him to do something and just consider it done. He has treated me with respect from the first second I met him and has always come through with what he has promised.”

Chris R.
Rubio Long Snapping - Owner

Real Happy

“Taft does what he says he’s going to do and we’ve been real happy with his service. Anyone looking for social media marketing should definitely give him a call.”

Sean C.
Owner - ProLine Mortgage

They Get It

“Taft and his team are Amazing! I had been constantly solicited by other web companies, but they were always missing a piece of the puzzle. Sitting down with Taft, it became clear that he was so far ahead of everyone else. Taft and VOX do not (just) create websites — they create a web presence that incorporates extensive, useful and interesting social media content with an eye to search engine placement. The team seems to cover all industries. In short, they get it.”

Suzanne D.
Teles Properties

They Cover All the Bases and the Entire Outfield

“Taft and his team were diligent and extremely helpful during our relationship. He broke everything down so even a 6th grader could understand it, and was happy to walk us through every step of his process. From creating social media and blog content, to helping with Google Shopping and PPC, Taft and his team cover all the bases….and the entire outfield.”

Kelsey W.
Sienna Bellini - Social Media Manager

Reliable and Dependent

“VOX handled my social media campaign for one of my product lines. Taft did a great job creating original content for my blogs. I rarely needed to get a hold of him as he’s reliable and dependent but when I needed him to do something he was quick to respond and take care of it. I would recommend VOX for your social media marketing.”

Dan M.
Tampico Spice

We See Results Fast

“Taft does what he says he will and our business is benefiting. We see results fast and he is easy to work with and answers questions. We are continuing to work with Taft and VOX.”

Jennifer B.
Blanc-Biehn Productions - Owner

Highly Recommend

“Taft and his team are the guys your looking for! Our company talked to many people and all seemed to be able to do the job but nobody took the time to explain all aspects of what we needed and why as thoroughly and easy to understand as VOX did. We built an awesome website and continue to work with VOX on internet marketing. It’s a one stop shop and they do it right! Highly recommend!”

Debbie B.

Awesome and Professional

“Awesome and professional, that is what you can expect working with VOX. When it comes to social media, SEO, and reputation management they are the best, especially for those in the entertainment industry. I highly recommend them.”

Robert R.
Incubiz - President

These are The Guys

“If you have a business and you need a website, marketing tools, and education on the best route to go, these are the guys for you!! Taft has been extremely patient in explaining all the odds and ends of designing a website. While websites can be very expensive with the more customizing you do, they were willing to work with our budget and still made it look gorgeous. They are also full service for digital marketing as well, and have been extremely thorough in explaining how it works and what the best route is for you at what point of your growth you are in. We shopped around to a lot of places and we made the right decision with VOX. Thanks Taft!!”

Amalia Moscoso

Rapid Response

“Taft, I appreciate your rapid response to our critique and suggestion of a quick resolution. As an ISO certified company that is conducting business with Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon, Kaiser Permanente, and TJX, quality of content and service is of utmost importance to us.”

Irene A.