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  • "If you have a business and you need a website, marketing tools, and education on the best route to go, these are the guys for you!! Taft has been extremely patient in explaining all the odds and ends of designing a website. While websites can be very expensive with the more customizing you do, they were willing to work with our budget and still made it look gorgeous. They are also full service for digital marketing as well, and have been extremely thorough in explaining how it works and what the best route is for you at what point of your growth you are in. We shopped around to a lot of places and we made the right decision with VOX. Thanks Taft!!"

    Amalia M.
    Amalia M.HairDame Owner
  • "We hired Taft to help us manage a social media campaign that was underway already. He spearheaded the implementation and effectively cut 2/3rds or more off the normal implementation timeline. The overall campaign was a success and in good part it was due to Taft stepping in and guiding us on how to make it an effective campaign."

    John B.
    John B.City of Thousand Oaks/Department of Public Works
  • "Taft, I appreciate your rapid response to our critique and suggestion of a quick resolution. As an ISO certified company that is conducting business with Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon, Kaiser Permanente, and TJX, quality of content and service is of utmost importance to us."

    Irene A.
    Irene A.Agnew Multilingual - President
  • Thank you Taft for a great experience with my new website. Professional, knowledgeable, and on time.  Great ideas. I love my new website, thank you!!

  • Jonathan H.
    Jonathan H.
  • "Taft and his team were diligent and extremely helpful during our relationship. He broke everything down so even a 6th grader could understand it, and was happy to walk us through every step of his process. From creating social media and blog content, to helping with Google Shopping and PPC, Taft and his team cover all the bases....and the entire outfield."

  • "Taft helped to get my website up and running and it is amazing! I am so happy with the results! He did everything in a timely manner and was very friendly throughout the process. The guys got skills in a major way! I totally recommend him."

    Erin L.
    Erin L.Coldwell Banker / Agent