Celebrity Fansite


This well known celebrity had a hiot TV show and a strong online presence. While he enjoyed millions of organic ‘Likes’, there was little engagement and no data collection. VOX executed a Digital Asset Review that revealed the low engagement, low time-on-site, and minimal email collection.  VOX updated the client’s celebrity website, installed tracking codes, an inbound email marketing program, daily social media management, content generation and online sweepstakes. Within twelve months the client knew how many people were coming to his sites, where they were, which pages they enjoyed the most and the key words and phrases necessary to build his online community. Increased website loading speeds, better content, and community management helped him host more than 37,000 visitors per day to the website, collect 2.4 million new organic Facebook ‘Likes’, and earn 50,000 email subscribers.


Digital Asset Review / Consulting / Mobile Web Design and Development / Content Generation / Social Media Management / Blogging /

Onsite and in-post  SEO / Visitor Engagement / Database Collection / Email Marketing / Detailed Reporting / Digital Asset Management

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