Be Disruptive

Any company that changes the way we live by altering their industry’s traditional business model is referred to as disruptive.  PayPal, Uber, Nest and AirBnB and many others, some featured on this video from InVision, are disruptors because they found a need and fulfilled it by easing use, cutting prices, and driving value through mobile applications and the internet.  Today every industry is being ‘disrupted’ and you need to know that.  If it isn’t happening in your industry now it will shortly.  That’s important because your customers and your prospects may not see it coming and if you do then they can come to you for answers.  This is how content marketing works.  By educating prospects instead of selling to them.  And even if you don’t know where your industry is going you can still refer to respected groups who have some insight on the matter and then post about those groups.  Forbes, Business Intelligence, and most major media outlets including CNBC are all over this topic and you can have us credit them when we’re writing your posts.  By association you’ll become an authority in your field and over time even the leader in your region.  The point is that regardless of where things are going you need to educate your target that change is upon us and you will keep them updated on those changes as they evolve.  You need to be disruptive with your marketing approach because blogging and posting this type of information  provides you with a level of trust from your subscribers.  You know what’s going on and they’ll feel you’re looking out for them.  Use social media too get your message out consistently, frequently, and originally and build a list to market to.  Then keep them updated with monthly or weekly updates.  In and of itself social media is disruptive because it’s a new way to market yourself.  That train hasn’t completely left the station but the wheels are moving and most of the seats have filled up.


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