Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working – Reason Three of Five – SEO

Let’s take a look Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working – Reason Three of Five – SEO.

3. Your content is not optimized for search engines. You don’t have SEO.

Some SEO ‘experts’ are fond of saying things like your posts must be a minimum of 350 words, they must be tagged properly, the key words have to be in the title and header, you must have sub headers, you need back links and internal links, etc. The fact is the rules for SEO keep changing. Today for instance if your site is not mobile Google will penalize you. If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate Google will penalize you. If you copy and paste content Google will penalize you. The list is not overly long but, honestly Google doesn’t want to tell you too much. They want you to buy an ad that will appear at the top of the page or as a pre-roll video on YouTube.

Why are SEO rules always changing

The reality is that Google is trying to build and manage an algorithm that behaves like a human being. They’re probably building a lot of things that they want to behave like human beings. I digress. The rules are changing because, like the algorithm, humans are always trying to hack it and then automate that process.  For instance, when some very bright coders saw that the algorithm improved organic SEO when back links were added, Google changed the rule. Today you can be penalized for using back links  But they could always bring that rule back. Here’s the definition of a backlink. If you’re not in a position to hire a firm like ours here are some things you can do on your own:

  1. Research what Google says about SEO and filter results by upload date
  2. Research your target and your competition
  3. Publish content that is informative, educational, and ocassionally entertaining towards your target audience
  4. Publish content every other day
  5. Educate your target about your industry, tools, experience, and partners
  6. Measure their engagement with your posts
  7. Measure their engagement with your competition
  8. Post more engaging content
  9. Measure and refine
  10. As business increases develop a marketing budget and hire a professional firm to manage this so you can focus on your core business

The fundamental reason why you hire a firm to manage this process is because you know it’s not just important, it’s critical. Firms that know a fraction of what you know, but have hired a firm like VOX to manage this process, can steal your messaging and your name online just because you either don’t know how to do this or you don’t think it’s important. If you run a company and you don’t think the internet and SEO is important then why do you have a smart phone? Literally, you need to get on this yesterday. And don’t hire your neighbor’s kid because, “he’s good at Facebook and Instagram and all that stuff.” Either roll up your sleeves and do the homework or hire a professional firm to do it for you before someone else steals your spot on a search for your product or service.

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Taft Moore is CEO of the content marketing and digital asset management firm VOX Communications, LLC. Established in 2009, VOX has helped clients in apparel, construction, entertainment, finance, government, healthcare, non profit, and startup spaces, among others, to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately increase sales. Taft is a Google and Facebook Agency Partner and a Linked In Advisor/Pro. In that capacity, Taft has driven millions of views for his clients across multiple platforms. Successes include raising tens of millions of dollars in funding for startups, geometrically increasing online sales for established brands, generating national news headlines and mainstream media coverage on the future of healthcare, effective treatments for opioid use disorder, protecting oil and natural gas pipelines in the environment, and saving rhinos. Over the course of more than ten years, Taft and his team have also generated above the fold organic search engine results for hundreds of terms in numerous, highly competitive industries. Taft and the VOX team research your industry, competitors, and influencers, build, manage, and optimize your websites, connect your social media networks, generate compelling content, and then drive engagement while building awareness through organic and paid search campaigns. An in depth understanding of digital marketing and the algorithms that drive search results help Taft to understand, educate, and then perform for his clients.

VOX researches your industry, competitors, and influencers, builds, manages, and optimizes your websites, connects all your social media networks, generates compelling content, and then builds awareness through organic and paid search campaigns. Connect with VOX to see what we’ve learned about how to leverage the internet on your behalf.

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