Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working – Reason Two of Five

Here are five main reasons why businesses and groups aren’t seeing a return on their content marketing or blogging and posting on social media networks.

  1. You’re publishing the wrong content
  2. You’re not posting enough
  3. Your content is not optimized for search
  4. You’re not listening to what’s important
  5. You’re not connecting with those connecting with you

Let’s take a look at reason two of five reasons why your content marketing isn’t working.

2. You’re not posting enough

One of the reasons that WordPress is the number one blogging and web platform in the world is because it was built for blogging. And blogging drives organic search engine results. Often a prospect will say that they want to be the one to post about their company because only they truly understand their brand. And while that’s true, as I previously explained in a prior post, SEO is not branding. Consider this, every time a post is published on your WordPress website, provided the website is registered with the search engines, it’s crawled by Google and Bing, etc. Nothing published today? No crawling. By publishing that optimized post you are waving a flag to say, “Hey Google!  Over here! Over here, I have something for you.” The more times you post the more “flags you wave.” The more “flags you wave” the more often your site is crawled. The more your site is crawled the higher you begin to rank organically. Now you can’t copy and paste the same stuff over and over again. And you can’t post the same stuff with different titles either. You need to publish compelling original content each time. It’s a lot of work and it’s why we have a business. Those posts need to be published multiple times per week, three to five times is what we recommend, and especially on the days you are open. Closed on the weekends? Maybe take a break. Mostly busy on the weekends? You have to post. I’ve also previously mentioned that it’s not a question of quality vs. quantity, but rather, quality and quantity. If I’m a follower of your social media network, email or blog subscriber, then I want to hear what you have to say based on what I’ve already heard that I engaged with. So when people engage with your content, make sure you keep publishing more of it. Keep in mind that every social media network is a pool of potential customers or ‘fish’ to catch. To convert those fish into ‘big fish’, or repeat and loyal customers, you have to “feed them.” If you don’t feed them regularly they’ll go somewhere else to eat.


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Taft Moore is CEO of the content marketing and digital asset management firm VOX Communications, LLC. Established in 2009, VOX has helped clients in apparel, construction, entertainment, finance, government, healthcare, non profit, and startup spaces, among others, to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately increase sales. Taft is a Google and Facebook Agency Partner and a Linked In Advisor/Pro. In that capacity, Taft has driven millions of views for his clients across multiple platforms. Successes include raising tens of millions of dollars in funding for startups, geometrically increasing online sales for established brands, generating national news headlines and mainstream media coverage on the future of healthcare, effective treatments for opioid use disorder, protecting oil and natural gas pipelines in the environment, and saving rhinos. Over the course of more than ten years, Taft and his team have also generated above the fold organic search engine results for hundreds of terms in numerous, highly competitive industries. Taft and the VOX team research your industry, competitors, and influencers, build, manage, and optimize your websites, connect your social media networks, generate compelling content, and then drive engagement while building awareness through organic and paid search campaigns. An in depth understanding of digital marketing and the algorithms that drive search results help Taft to understand, educate, and then perform for his clients.

VOX researches your industry, competitors, and influencers, builds, manages, and optimizes your websites, connects all your social media networks, generates compelling content, and then builds awareness through organic and paid search campaigns. Connect with VOX to see what we’ve learned about how to leverage the internet on your behalf.



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