Is Google Always Right?

Is Google Always Right? No. Google can give you the wrong answer. Google does not provide you with the correct answer to your question as part of their search algorithm. What Google does is measure your past internet browsing behavior through the use of cookies to determine what it thinks you’re looking for and then provides the results based on the most likely answer to your search query. The answers are rooted in past search history.  This can be frightening to realize at first and I believe it has nothing to do with censoring information on purpose but more likely how Google makes money.

Google is using your searches to better train it’s algorithms to increase clicks. Google’s primary motivation is not to help you find what you’re looking for. Their primary motivation is to get you to click on something that you think will lead you to the right answer. That click is either paid for by a sponsor or earned income for Google. Their algorithms are designed to keep you around, on a Google or Google affiliate web page. The longer you stay on these sites and the number of clicks you execute drives revenue for Google and their Partners.

Google also realizes that there is a balance between how many times you click and your patience. They want to provide the right answer because that’s how the Google search algorithm works. When the search engine you use delivers the answer you believe, then you’re more likely to trust the platform and refer it to others.

The same is true for you, your business, and your industry. You want people to click on you, to get the answer they want from you, and to trust you so they will come back and eventually become a customer. A good business with a satisfied clientele, and a blog that helps educate the viewer, rather than one that tries to close clients, is what works.  What I’m sharing with you is not my opinion. It is the value of more than ten years following the internet search process, the actors, and now more than ever the threats that I’ve observed.

You’ve seen bad actors and sources try to get your attention with click bait and search results that may be intended to be used for nefarious purposes. It’s important as it relates to the flow of information and how to confirm reliable sources. And it’s important to you because if you want to be seen as a reliable source you have to have a constant and reliable flow of valuable content published to the internet through as many trusted platforms as necessary. Keep in mind that while you may not have time to post your competitor can and will unless you already own that space online.

Remember when people and groups would buy all sorts of domain names and then resell them? They would ‘squat’ on the domain and sell it to the highest bidder. This algorithmic loophole allows a company that’s not even in your industry to take advantage of your company in the same way. To combat this loophole you need a regular and robust content marketing program. When you do you’re brand will become “The Google with the answer” your prospects are looking for.


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