What is Digital Asset Management

What is Digital Asset Management.  We thought we could give you a more detailed description of who we are and what our firm does.


Vox Communications, LLC, was formed in 2008 as a content marketing company,  We built and still do build, manage and monetize online communities through our clients’ social media networks.  But today Vox also offers a complete digital asset management solution for business.  All aspects of a company’s digital assets including server speed, security, web development, e-commerce, graphic design, content generation, community building, digital public relations, media monitoring and detailed reporting are managed by Vox and our partners.  The value of selecting an outsource solution is speed, efficiency, and significant cost savings.


We realize we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with and that’s why Vox has assembled a group of specialists in each important discipline.  Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft together with an army of US-based subcontractors provide everything you’ll need in the digital space.  These solutions include hosting, web development, graphic design, videography, photography and writing.  And many have worked with your industry already.  Coordinated by Vox, these specialists allow us to turn around complex projects in record time.


With a clean and fast website on fast and secure servers, ecommerce clients are well positioned to process orders and returns. Vox works with leading Magento and Shopify developers here in the US.  Magento is the leading ecommerce solution for large etailers while Shopify is the number one ecommerce platform for small business.  Well versed in shipping and fulfillment integration, these pros have built complex online store programs for Fortune 500 companies.


Vox works with InfusionSoft to build the most popular CRM solution for small business. InfusionSoft also features inbound email marketing, payment processing and automated upsell options.  Combined, this popular program increases revenue and decreases abandoned carts.  One client increased billing by $40,000/month.


Video and infographic partners will make your story come to life while driving conversions through targeted SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Google/YouTube, Twitter and Linked A/B ad campaigns.  Vox wworks directly with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to create and execute the entire digital marketing campaign including executing complex Google Shopping, Search and Display campaigns.


Vox started in the content marketing business so we know how to tell your story.  Every day we publish a 350-500 word, search engine optimized post to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google Plus accounts.  We also manage your Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.


Finally, Vox provides detailed, transparent, and real-time reporting.  We generate the content to drive engagement.  And when we see engagement then we can increase it.  That’s good because engagement leads to conversions.


In summary, all of these tools brought to bear for a motivated company will increase awareness and the bottom line.  This stuff works and with Vox you have your own combined digital strategist, executioner and PR firm.  We’ll help you tell your story and generate conversions while you focus in your core business.  Request a consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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