Digital Marketing In House vs. Out Source. Which is Better?

Digital marketing in house vs. outsource. Which is better? Gary Vaynerchuck, a major internet influencer says, “The four people every startup needs for marketing and brand building: 1. An “art” person (a designer) 2. A “video” person (a videographer who can film and post produce) 3. A “math” person (someone who can run ads and understands things like CAC and LTV) 4. A “written word” person (a copywriter)” At VOX we have all four of these critical pieces plus the checks and balances like editors and account managers as well as web development and custom coders all under one umbrella. They’re available virtually everyday for the price of one mid-level employee.

Recently a client took the marketing plan we had built out for them back in house just as we had begun to see results. Today the SEO is falling, the momentum is lost, and tomorrow Google will change their search algorithm again. Unfortunately, the in house staff is not capable of optimizing the company’s assets. But it’s no fault of theirs. It’s not what they were hired to do. Here’s why adding digital marketing responsibilities to staff hired for other jobs rarely works:

  1. They weren’t hired for digital marketing so they don’t understand it and they’re not interested in it.
  2. They’re not interested in it so they don’t monitor trends and best practices.
  3. They don’t monitor best practices because they don’t have those resources.
  4. They don’t have those resources because the employer doesn’t know where to get them or doesn’t allocate budget for them.
  5. There is no budget to allocate because those resources are expensive.
  6. The resources are expensive because unlike an agency the company can’t take advantage of the economies of scale that kick in when agencies are managing multiple accounts.

In the end, delegating digital marketing and even training unqualified employees is a losing battle. In effect, this approach is actually costing the company money as staff try to execute tasks they’re not trained or qualified to complete with resources they don’t have.

Here’s another example. When a company starts by hiring an internal digital team to avoid training unqualified existing staff they’ll spend unnecessary dollars on salary instead of activating campaigns. We lost a bid to earn the business from a digital healthcare client even though we have three years experience in the field.

Their choice is to hire a marketing team of no less than five people including a digital marketing pro to execute a plan that VOX can plug in and launch within a couple weeks.

An entry level digital marketer will cost about $60-$75k in salary. The very best in the field will come in between $195-$225k. By the time the entire team is in place they’ll have committed to close to half a million dollars. For the cost of one very talented digital marketer, about $225k, we can provide web development, graphic design, writing, editing, video streaming and production, blogging, social media management, and detailed reporting as well budget for ad campaigns built and managed by our teammates at Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, and Linked In.

Outsourcing out performs training unqualified staff and costs a fraction of hiring an internal team. Build brand awareness faster and better with a seasoned and trained team. Learn more at




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