Get Your Marketing Off the Ground with an Online News Magazine

Get Your Marketing Off the Ground with and Online News Magazine. For most businesses the idea that their own website could have more value than traditional advertising is difficult to understand and embrace. As an experienced expert in your business though, you are the authority. So why not educate customers, prospects, vendors, and employees about your industry? That’s what your blog could be, an online news magazine, provided your content is focused on education rather than promotion and that it’s updated every day. There are multiple benefits to this approach:

  1. You establish a line of communication with your target
  2. Each post is an opportunity to gauge customer interest
  3. Each post is another chance to earn valuable SEO
  4. The more you post the bigger your digital footprint
  5. The more you educate the more trust you earn

A stone and tile importer with the largest inventory of imported Carrera marble on the west coast can approach content posting in three ways. They can upload a list of everything they sell, they can upload stories about how marble is mined and the towns where the best marble comes from  and why, or they combine both approaches. The latter allows them to brand themselves as experts while highlighting their products.

For some private aviation firms this idea has not taken hold and promotional content falls flat. Their Instagram accounts feature pictures of planes, models, and celebrity look-a-likes. Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In are populated with posts about new routes and the aircraft in the fleet. Certainly that content might have some appeal but why would I come back to visit? That approach is sharing a brand vision not informational, educational, and entertaining content. There’s little to engage with. What these firms should be doing is taking a page out of the commercial aviation playbook and introduce their own online, inflight magazine. Most of us are old enough to remember inflight magazines and SkyMall. Now with inflight wi-fi, private aviation can offer both along with what the industry refers to as IFE or InFlight Entertainment.

To access the inflight wi-fi, passengers are directed through a portal to a landing page featuring the branded inflight magazine. Articles can include destination content about new restaurants, gyms, and attractions as well as general lifestyle content about cars, boats, and fashion.  This magazine can also host contesting which rewards subscribers for signing up or winning challenges. Administrators of this regularly updated marketing tool can also measure engagement or which articles gain the most traction and you can even underwrite the cost of the magazine with advertising.  Over time your inflight magazine can become a valuable source of information for your clientele. And because you are the expert in your space that makes you and authority on private aviation or whatever industry you’re in. Over time this digital content allows your brand to be a leading authority for private aviation news rather than just another advertiser spending budget to get in the private aviation newsletter.

Contact VOX to learn more about how we build and manage online news magazines to extend your digital footprint, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.


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