The Power of Media Monitoring

In previous posts we’ve discussed how we know what to write about for our clients.  One of the best ways to figure that out is to read what the leaders in your industry are saying.  That includes those in the media.  Media monitoring tools allow us to follow key words and phrases that you think are important along with suggested ones based on those you selected.  These key words include your industry, company, products and services as well as those from your competitors.  These key words are then compiled in daily reports based on what is published, broadcast, and posted to the internet.  We’ll know the outlet, the name of the reporter that filed the story, their contact information and their circulation, audience, and following.  This is referred to as the reach of the media outlet. From there we can research other stories from these outlets, follow them, and even connect directly with the source by phone, fax, and email.  What’s exciting about media monitoring is helping our clients watch their ‘needle’ move when the message is on point.  The other thing that’s so very powerful is that just like in real life we are judged by the company we keep.  So when we post content from Conde’ Nast, The New England Journal of Medicine, and the Wall Street Journal we help elevate the online reputation of our hospitality, pharmaceutical, and business clients.  In many cases it’s the power of association that builds integrity into your online brand.  It’s not everything that you need but it’s an incredibly powerful tool and like many trends in social media networking, early adopters generally lead the space.

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