Can I Just Add Emails to My List?

“Can I Just Add Emails to My List?” is a great question.  And it begs the question, would you like someone to just add your email to a list?   While you can get around it legally, this is where I remind you I’m not an attorney please consult one for legal advice, why would you if your prospects or customers don’t like it?  Existing happy customers probably won’t mind but you should still ask them and even incentivize them with a holiday giveaway or monthly rewards.  Their email address has value to them and when you respect that they respect you and ususally if you ask nicely will let you IF they like you.  Every email program should be “permission based” so it is not in violation of the Cam Spam Act.  So use language like this: “VOX Communications, LLC engages in permission-based marketing.  We respect your privacy and would like your permission to forward office updates and special offers.  We’d like to keep you updated and informed about the latest marketing trends and how they could help you market your brand online.  Your email address is secure and will not be shared with third parties and you may unsubscribe at any time”   Then put a check box that they have read an understand and you should be good but you should definitely ask permission.  This question really hits at the heart of a larger issue.  In this age of the instant Tweet, we sometimes forget the value of earning business.  Educate, inform, and entertain your target audience and over time you will earn some of their email address and their business.

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