Essential items every small business owner needs

About once a year we publish the essential items every small business owner needs to begin building and managing their internet presence. Each one of these items is worthy of longer discussion and we will elaborate using future posts. All of these services are included in our Small Business Package. We tried best we could to prioritize them for you.

1. Logo. The logo should be identifiable, have few elements, be recognizable, if possible relate to your product or service, work well vertically, horizontally, and as a square, and be easily reproduced in any color.

2. A mobile responsive website. The new Google algorithm now requires your site to be mobile in order to be ranked with other similar sites. If you have an older site that requires you to zoom in to view the content then your site is not mobile-responsive. The pages should be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and there you should a scrolling or fixed menu that allows the visitor to select a page with one tap or a scroll and tap.

3. Content on the pages that is optimized for search engines.

4. Navigation that priorities the most important pages.

5. A proven hosting solution designed for the platform your site was built on.

6. An installed Google tracking code, embedded Google Map.

7. A blog or news page with search engine optimized content updated weekly at the very least but preferably daily with 300-350 word posts and licensed or company owned images and artwork.

8. Linked and branded social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and probably YouTube and Instagram.

9. An inbound email marketing program.

10. The opportunity to capture email addresses throughout the process through pop ups or contact page.

11. An SSL certificate.

12. Anti-malware program.

13. An automated Backup program.

14. Someone to monitor the site and update as needed to address new threats and old vulnerabilities.

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