Local City Government


Declared safest city in America by the FBI in 2014, Thousand Oaks, California is a proud community with respected businesses and highly rated schools. With a grant from the State of California, their mission was to promote the recycling of single serve beverage containers to middle and high school students. A Digital Asset Review revealed that the City was actually well on their way but still missing critical pieces. The City needed guidance, content generation, syndication, and detailed reports to measure the ROI for their campaign. In less than one month, we were able to pull all of their assets together, dress them up graphically, and generate compelling original content. Once activated, the City was able to connect with more than 20,000 people in the first week of the campaign.


Photography / Graphic Design / Web Design / Content Generation / Social Media Management and Marketing / Live Chat / Blogging / SEO / Video Production/ Visitor Engagement / Database Collection / Email Marketing / Detailed Reporting

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