What’s the Difference between WIX and WordPress?

What’s the Difference between WIX and WordPress?  What’€™s the right website platform for your business?  If you have a small business then you probably don’™t see the need for spending significant dollars on website design and development. In a digital world where everyone has a smartphone I think that’s a terrible idea. But that being said let’s take a look at differences. There are a number of “off-the-shelf” do-it-yourself website programs like GoDaddy’€™s Website Builder, Web.com, Squarespace, and WIX. There are other programs that are more popular but also more difficult like WordPress and Shopify. For small business owners that are just getting started the cost and ease of use make Website Builder, Web.com, Squarespace, and Wix popular choices. Some of them are also hosted solutions meaning the provider includes hosting and in some cases domain name registration. These turn-key solutions are popular options for businesses just starting out. The “drag-and-drop” editors make it seem like website design is not that difficult. And with those editors it certainly isn’t. However, the fundamental problem with WIX and other solutions besides WordPress is that their templates and overall business model is designed for people who don’t understand the internet or how websites can be used to make you money. WIX and other  DIY platforms are designed for people who “need” a website because they view websites as online business cards. To that end these platforms are perfect. Unfortunately, static websites that are not updated frequently don’t really help you grow your business. They look good but that’ s small part off your overall digital footprint.  Often these sites have little traffic and even less repeat visitors. The fundamental difference between the platforms is that WordPress evolved from a blogging platform and blogging is the most effective way to organically increase your search engine optimization. Every time you post on WordPress you can optimize that post with categories that automatically link to other similar posts and you can tag those posts with key words and phrases like in this case WIX and WordPress. Posts leave digital breadcrumbs or more commonly referred to as cookies which lead interested parties back to your website from their search or your social media accounts which WordPress just populated for you. WIX makes it look easy and if it looks to good to be true, well you know. On our next post we’ll discuss some of the reasons WordPress is the most popular platform in the world.


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