How do you know what to talk about

“How do you know what to talk about?”  It’s a question we get asked often and the answer is surprisingly simple.  Like any good marketing firm when we meet with you we pay attention to what you’re saying.  What is your story? Who do you want to emulate?  What voices in your space do you pay attention to?  Who is your competition?  Then we do our own homework to see who does best what you’re trying to do.  Once we figure that out we monitor your position online, the tone of your product or service online, your competitors, and the leading influencers in the space.  Then we emulate them with compelling original content and generate engagement.  When that engagement happens you’ve built an online community and that community can be used to leverage your position online, in the marketplace, and in the media.  We do that by monitoring the interaction with your digital assets, your Linked In, your Facebook business account, your website(s), and your email marketing campaigns.  When there is engagement we do what we can to find out where it started and then to replicate that event.  Just like a successful AdWords campaign, your overall online presence needs to be managed every day.  The benefit of daily management is that we can move quickly to identify chatter specific to your industry and then connect with the leading voices in the space by sharing, commenting, or posting content that relates to that audience.  So we know what to talk about because you tell us who to follow, we share other sources we think you should follow, and we connect with similar sources based on the communities we’ve followed and that are presented by social media networks.  Eventually, by association, and through content generation with SEO you become an influencer yourself and that leads to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and eventually sales.  Call us to see how we can help and so you can tell us where to start.

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