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A blog is a series of articles published to the internet that are usually specific to a subject and audience. So while you may know that already, you may not know why they’re important. For the purpose of this article it is essentially an online magazine. But blogs are also very effective marketing tools. Blogs are a great way to drive interest in your product or service by educating your target audience about your business. They also help you proactively manage your reputation online and can be, if implemented properly, an effective tool for conversions. We can now drive email address collection through blog engagement. We can also measure which posts are most popular, where the people are that are reading them and even what site they were on before they clicked into the blog. The other massive advantage of having a blog is that every time you post a new message to it search engines re crawl your website to catalogue the information on the page. So a blog drives organic search engine optimization, (SEO), for your company while also building awareness for your brand. But it only works if you post regularly, the content is optimized for search engines with key words and phrases, and people engage with that content. More than a series of articles about one subject, a blog is both an inbound marketing tool as well as a research and organic SEO tool.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any successful business with a strong presence online that doesn’t have one.

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