In Ten Years Forty Percent of the Fortune 500 Will be Gone

In  our last post we spoke about the importance of a digital footprint. I’ve been a member of a number of networking groups over the years and it’s incredible how inefficient old-school networking can be relative to today’s powerful new social media networks like Linked In for example.  Companies that aren’t executing a proven internet marketing strategy will be eliminated from the market place.  By the attached account this will happen within ten years to 40% of the Fortune 500. Of coursed the video you’ll notice is already two years old so eight years from now. Don’t believe me?  Choose a company in the Fortune 500.  Look them up on your mobile device and ask yourself f their website has the information you’re looking for, is it easy to navigate? Is it logical? Is it fast?  Did I find what I was looking for quickly?  Then ask yourself if you would invest in that company.  Finally, click the link below and see if you don’t agree that:  In Ten Years 40% of Fortune 500 will be Gone. Enjoy and as always thanks for subscribing.

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