Ten Reasons Why WordPress is the Most Popular Platform in the World

Here are ten reasons WordPress is the most popular platform in the world:

  1. WordPress evolved from a blogging platform into a website platform. Blogging is the key to organic search engine optimization, (SEO), which makes WordPress the absolute the best platform to help you get found on the internet organically.
  2. Every time you write a new post on WordPress you can then optimize it for SEO with tags and keywords and score whether or not that’s been done BEFORE you publish your post. In fact, the whole reason I’m rewriting this post is due to a blind search of my company and name that delivered this result from the original post written more than two years ago*. In other words if I can find me through a blog post then so can my prospects. The same would be true for you.
  3. Unlike the hosted solutions that are “€œclosed”€, WordPress is an €œ”open source”€ platform. That means that web developers are incentivized to customize €œ”plugins€”, or add-ons, that are specific to certain industries or applications.
  4. These €œplugins, like WordPress itself, are constantly being updated to ensure they work on all devices, are mobile responsive, and, when updated regularly, are also secure.
  5. There are even SEO plugins designed to optimize your SEO automatically.
  6. WordPress has thousands of templates to choose from so you can get an idea of what you’™d like your website to look like before you purchase a template or hire a developer like VOX. And while WordPress is seen as a DIY website, trust me when I tell you you want a pro to build these out. Not all plugins work with all templates, not all templates are supported, and often there is little or no support once purchased. Make sure you hire the developer first to ensure the template you are about to purchase will do what you want it to do BEFORE you buy. 
  7. WordPress also integrates with multiple options for e-commerce. Experienced developers know or will research which plugins are “œbuggy”€ or cause issues with other plugins or with WordPress itself before you purchase and install them.
  8. As an open source solution WordPress is growing and advancing faster than any other stand alone platform.
  9. WordPress flexibility includes more than 37,000 plugins and tens of thousands of design options.
  10. WordPress design templates allow your site to look like the leader in your industry without the expense of a completely custom solution.

We’ll talk more about the difference between “off-the-shelf” solutions like WIX versus WordPress in my next post.

*I searched for my name and company and an older version of this post came up from June 6, 2016. There are two things I find interesting about that:

  1. A blog post from two years ago could lead someone to my WordPress website
  2. While much has changed, in two years the conclusions about WordPress are still true today

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