Build Websites as a Tool, not an Online Business Card

Recently a prospect asked how much websites were and mentioned that they were going to manage it with updates etc. That always begs the question, “What is your focus, managing your website or managing your business?”

VOX builds websites that act as tools to drive business. They drive business mostly through compelling original content that educates prospects, clients, and even employees. So we don’t generally just build websites and then hand them off but rather we build and manage websites as the foundation for your overall digital footprint. Here’s the process for building a website:

  • We review your current website to find out what you like, what you dislike, what you want that you don’t have.
  • How many total pages do you need? HOME, ABOUT, TOOLS, SERVICES, SAFETY, TEAM, CASE STUDIES, BLOG, and CONTACT are good main pages for construction clients while CAREERS, OPEN PROJECTS, TESTIMONIALS, REQUEST A QUOTE, and SUBSCRIBE might be good sub pages and TERMS OF SERVICE, and PRIVACY POLICY might be good footer pages.
  • What content do you have? Drone video, high resolution images, logo(s), certifications or partners, testimonials.
  • What features do you want?  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter feed, email popup, Google map to the office, email newsletter integration, client pages

Once we meet with you via screen-share or face-to-face, we’ll have an idea about all this stuff and what it would take to deliver a handsome, logical, mobile responsive, SEO optimized website that loads quickly and looks great.  We code every page for SEO, host the site, back it up daily, protect it from malware, integrate social and email marketing, and blog and post to social media networks 4x, 12x, or 20x per month while keeping the site humming along and updated. The site will be built on WordPress, optimized on a server that is specifically designed for WordPress and registered with all the major search engines.

The good news is that:

  1. We handle everything.
  2. You own everything.
  3. We’ll “pour” a solid website foundation for SEO.
  4. We’ll publish compelling content about your industry that will help identify you as the leader in your field.
  5. We can monitor you and your competition and deliver leads based on searches and website visits.
  6. And we can market your business directly to the people that routinely hire companies like yours.

The bad news is that:

  1. While WordPress websites are the best for SEO they must be maintained or they will break.
  2. We’re not the least expensive but we are a great value.

Most corporate business websites are about 30-40 pages.  This one,, is actually 125 pages with many pages under password protected CLIENT ONLY ACCESS so the client’s customers can monitor the progress of their projects.  Imagine uploading drone videos of your projects so your clients can monitor the work you’re doing for them? Or sharing case studies shot by drones, posted to your website, and syndicated through your social media accounts so when visitors click on the story on your Facebook Business page they are redirected to your website where we can monitor what pages they went to, how long they were on them, and in some cases the business name, person’s name, title, and contact information including email and phone number most likely associated with that IP address.

The cost of your website is an estimate based on your wants and needs and the amount of time to integrate and design them. The overall package while it may have dozens and dozens of pages must be handsome, appear simple, be logical, and optimized for mobile devices. Those things take time but your brand is worth it.  So don’t build or have someone build a website that acts only as a business card. If you do you’re missing an incredible opportunity to connect with prospects, clients, and employees and give them a reason to visit every day instead of once for the phone number.

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