The End of Cold Calling

Recently a friend shared that he had purchased a list of leads and he assured me that if even one of those leads pans out then the list will be paid for. The problem is that you have to find that one, it takes time that could be better spent, you still have to qualify them, and worst of all you’re missing people that need your products and services because they can’t find you. So how do you find all these hot, qualified leads? There is a process you need to go through to get them. And to understand what that process is start by using your smartphone to find your biggest competitor. If you have a flip phone please close this web page and call someone to buy more leads. Once you locate the competition on your phone, search as if you are a customer.  Buy something if you can. You want to see the entire process and answer these questions:

  1. Is the site mobile?
  2. Is it easy to navigate?
  3. If e-commerce was it easy to view an item?
  4. Could you check out easily?
  5. Was there automated follow up?
  6. Was there human follow up?
  7. Were you asked to rate your experience?
  8. Were you offered an incentive to return?
  9. Did they reach back out weeks later?
  10. Could you easily share their product(s) to a friend through your phone?

Now ask yourself, does your website do this? The key to getting these leads is:

  1. A mobile website that works well.
  2. Marketing automation that will manage your customers and their orders while you sleep.
  3. Compelling content that educates and qualifies the prospect.
  4. SEO so they can find you.

If you are a real business that generates more than $1 million in net revenues then you need to move beyond off-the-shelf websites like Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Weebly,, etc. The reason is that these sites are all limited in what you can do with them. This is why you hire a professional web developer like VOX to build a website that acts as a tool to convert business. You need more than an online business card. A good developer and strategist will:

  1. Buy your domain
  2. Build your site, optimize it for search, back it up everyday, and protect it from malware
  3. Register you with search engines
  4. Install tracking codes
  5. Install and activate inbound marketing programs
  6. Generate compelling content
  7. Manage your social media accounts
  8. Generate your newsletter
  9. Track your performance
  10. Optimize your SEO
  11. And deliver a list of people who visit your website every month including names, email addresses, and phone numbers and then automate the process so you can make money while you sleep.

That way when people search for you they’ll see you, learn about why your product or service is right for them, shop for products or services, and either checkout or submit contact information.  This works for companies, causes, and brands that deliver quality products and services. This works when you have existing satisfied customers. This works when you reward them for being repeat and loyal customers and share your appreciation for them through your digital assets, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This works. This is the end of cold calling.

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