The Value of Live Chat

My grandfather used to say, “If you want to catch fish you have to get the boat wet.” Obviously if you don’t have your boat(line) in the water you can’t catch fish. And today’s prospects or “fish” are all swimming in the ocean that is the internet. So when a “fish” nibbles at “your bait” as they scroll through your website it makes sense to “feel the rod” so that when you have a “nibble” you can react to them.  Live Chat allows a prospect to ask questions without committing to a sales pitch on the phone. So if you have it they can test you out.  The language your operators use is critical to converting that chat into a sales call but if you don’t have Live Chat then they don’t know you’re there to help them.  Live Chat can also be used to collect email addresses as the prospect must submit theirs in order to initiate the call.  For active online e-tailers and time sensitive products and services it is critical. Even for our digital marketing services we see tremendous value. Using our preferred partner one operator can handle any number of live chat sessions at the same time, each session runs in a separate room tab in the Operator Console. Operators can accept or ignore incoming live chat request by clicking on “Accept” or “Ignore” buttons in the room tab. Chat room tabs with new messages are marked with a blinking “envelope” image to attract the operator’s attention. There’s an audio alert, a phone ring sounds, and you can even see where your visitors are as they chat with you or even after they’ve left.  The VOX Help Team is dedicated to improving the overall experience for all of our valued clients. To that end we encourage you to visit our website and test out our Live Chat for yourself or try it free here. If you get only one client from a Live Chat inquiry it will have paid for itself.


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