Why I Love Shopify

So many of the businesses I meet with see their website and social media accounts as separate from the ‘real business’.  This fundamental misunderstanding of digital marketing and lead generation and sales in the digital age is costing them money.  Shopify is the number one small business e-commerce solution in part because:

  1. It’s an open source platform that evolves over time with plugins tailored to different industries
  2. It integrates fully with POS, point-of-sale, accounting, shipping, inventory, gift cards, email marketing, and social media
  3. In many cases Shopify replaces outdated and expensive third party programs
  4. Shopify is a hosted solution so you don’t need your online store hosted somewhere else
  5. It has its own competitive credit card processing service
  6. It has a plugin for a cash drawer.  Now you can use an Ipad to run your brick and mortar store
  7. Product feeds updated on the website update and integrate automatically with Google Shopping

Shopify has brought the real and the virtual worlds together.  Track customers buying habits, follow up with shoppers who abandoned their carts, offer comparison shopping, etc.  Shopify gets the small business owner up and going quickly and its scalable.  An etailer can quickly graduate to a brick and mortar business.  Shopify is the best solution for small business owners who want to sell on and offline.  That’s why I love Shopify.

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