Why We Design Forward

Why we design forward. Often a client will come to us with a design problem relative to older platforms.  “My website looks bad on my desktop” or “The site doesn’t look quite right on my I Phone 4 but it’s really nice on my Ipad.  Can you fix it?”  At VOX we design forward to adapt to the latest proven technology. The reason a website does not appear properly on old desktops is that the screen resolution and the size of the screen, which is often set by the user, is either too big, too small, or the computer itself is just too old.  Same with the phone.  If we can’t see the logo or the navigation on your older phone then we may have to customize your site so it reads better on that older phone. The problem is that while we made the adjustment to make the site appear better on the old phone it now doesn’t look as good, logo is smaller, on the latest phone. Technology moves forward and that’s why we design forward. With mobile responsive websites, websites that size to the screen of the device, this is particularly challenging because one change affects all views. In some cases what the client really needs is a custom mobile only website that launches automatically when loaded from a smart phone. But as for desktops, if your box is more than two years old or if your operating system is no longer supported, then you’re just flat out of luck. With digital marketing you simply have to keep moving forward and making sure that your assets work on the latest devices. Trying to make them work on out dated and unsupported devices is a lesson in futility. There are always custom solutions to a client’s challenge but the moment a device, platform, operating system, or plug in is no longer supported is the moment we no longer adjust to work on it.

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