Google Can Give You the Wrong Answer

Google can give you the wrong answer. Google does not provide you with the correct answer to your question as part of their search algorithm. What Google does is measure your past internet browsing behavior through the use of cookies to determine what it thinks you’re looking for and then provides the results based on the most likely answer to your search query. The answers are rooted in past search history.  This can be frightening to realize at first and I believe it has nothing to do with censoring information on purpose but more likely how Google makes money. Google is using your searches to better train it’s algorithms to increase clicks. Google is not looking for you to find the answer you’re looking for and then move off their platform so their algorithms are designed to keep you around and if possible direct you to a Google asset or affiliate website. When your search engine results deliver answers you believe then you’re more likely to trust the platform. And when you trust the platform you use the platform. But let’s be clear, Google is in the data business and the ability to accurately put users into multiple boxes that advertisers can then check in order to target their ad campaigns is how it works. So Google is focused on collecting ‘eyeballs’ and keeping them engaged. Over time that engagement leads to more opportunities for Google advertisers to connect with those ‘eyeballs’. Google I don’t think is purposely misleading users for ideological reasons but rather for business reasons.

So why is this important? It’s important because the best SEO agencies, foreign actors, and tools can manipulate this loophole to deliver answers to questions that align with their agendas. Thus directing people to the answers they want the visitor to see. They can manipulate people. And if they can, so too can your competitor. Remember when people and groups would buy all sorts of domain names and then resell them? They would ‘squat’ on the domain and sell it to the highest bidder. This algorithmic loophole allows a company that’s not even in your industry to take advantage of your company in the same way. To combat this loophole you need a regular and robust SEO program. If you don’t have one you’re vulnerable and once you lose your ranking on Google it can be very difficult and expensive to remedy.


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