Google vs. Facebook – How Facebook Can Fight Back

Here’s a re-post from my blog in October 2013.  Today Facebook videos are showing great promise and growth.  I have stayed on the sideline but today I’m moving forward on Facebook stock.  In a previous post I mentioned how Google will use YouTube to migrate Facebook users over to Google Plus.  But Facebook with 1.11 billion users, according to them, has a tremendous advantage.  They already have the people, they just need the tool to change the game.  That tool is  social video.  Video is already changing ‘search’ today and new start ups are sprouting up to take advantage of this dynamic.  These services allow anyone to host a webinar, TV talk show and even their own commercial.  Beyond that you can even make money from these services.  Imagine marketing tools that generate revenue and pay for themselves.  Sound crazy?  That’s what YouTube’s been doing for years with YouTube Channels.  The moment that Facebook employs social video is the moment they’re back in the game and the moment that YouTube optimizes their own model for mobile uploads Facebook could be dead.  Social video is also going mobile and when that happens we’re not just reading about “The Arab Spring,” we’re watching it.

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