Your WordPress Website Will Break

Your WordPress website will break and there is something you can do about it. Here’s what to know and what can be done. First, when you’re ready for a new website you need to know what pages you want, what content you want on those pages, what features you want like pop up videos, 3D imaging, and motion graphics, and what functions you want the website to perform like processing an order, tracking a customers behavior and collecting email addresses. That should all be laid out before applications, custom coding, or templates are purchased to ensure that all the pieces fit together, and will play nice with each other.

WordPress websites can be custom coded or built using a template. Both approaches have limitations. Custom coded sites take longer to build, are often cumbersome to edit, and cost more. Templated websites are often limited in functionality. WP sites also include applications, or “plugins”, for email signups, social media networks, image resizing, SEO, and multiple integrations through API’s, (application program interfaces). The good news is that many of these plugins are very cool and help increase time spent on the site by visitors while collecting important data. The bad news is that plugins don’t always play nice with each other, require updates, may eventually require a licensing fee, and they break. When they break the fix may require some coding adjustments and disabling incompatible plugins leading to loss of functionality. If the plugin is susceptible to viruses, conflicts with other plugins, does not have a similar competitor on the market to replace it, or is no longer supported by the developer then we’d have to try to build one from scratch which can be costly or it just won’t work the way you want it to.

In closing, if the developer is not VOX make sure that all plugins purchased or installed for free are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and with each other and then make sure your website is updated regularly at least every month.

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